Sunday, 9 June 2013

Walking alone ,(

today is my offday
already decide to doing windowshopping for eid celebration
but my superhero tell me that he can't
he cancelled the meeting at last minute
i'm so angry but what can i do right
so i'm walking alone
i'm doing it alone
i'm feel so lonely
haha. i think alone is the best

i call him bah and then i off my hp
becoz i feel to angry, i going to harris.
i'm at harris . looking for new novel collection
i'm novel addict also ha.
i got new novel today "kan ku kejar cinta kamu"
so happy. best!. i like it!

and then i'm walk again to onestopsuperstore.
the store name is so long kan. the thing here was so cute and the price tag always in SALE
dont u know, i'm like SALE.
haha. save my budget and u can get what u want. awesome!
i got some cute thing. hello kitty things.
the stamp.the clip. the stamp ink. so cute!
lately, i think i love hello kitty.

after that i decided to going back.
i'm coming home.
from walking alone.
haha. laugh for me ha.
ok bye.
walking alone. i got this. FAUZIAH ASHARI.

1st hello kitty collection. <3 it!

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