Friday, 21 June 2013

Double Trouble

hi. long time no see ya miss blog
this week as usual, i going to work everyday without restday
i feel like going to crazy
doing the same thing everyday
there no one new thing in my work
always doing the same thing
thing always the same. ha i'm babbling yo.
back to my topic, hot topic ha. no! it usual topic.

its about my pay a.k.a salary. i'm doing two job in one time right.
so, my pay is double. one at mcd and one at ums. awesome right!
i'm so tired but when think about the pay then my tiredness will be gone
so amazing u know. its about the money.
this month, i got my pay at the same time. "serentak" like malay people said.
haha. trust me. the double pay will make me trouble.
guess why?. xoxoxo. u know what?i'm a shopping addict.
whenever or wherever i have money, then i'll spend all the money and that will make me trouble.
when the end of month, i got nothing. i only have the fare that i use go to work. LOL
that stupid girl is me.

i dont know how to control myself to doing some saving for my life.
i dont know how to control my feeling to spend all the money.
i dont know how to make my monthly budget going to work as i planned.
i also dont know how to keep my money until i dont want to use that money anymore.
LOL. this is me.

referring to above, myself will get trouble because the double pay!
anyway, i will doing dome effort to control myself.
liyana, here we go. good luck girl.xoxoxo

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