Friday, 7 June 2013

My new life (^.^)

Here my new life
As a partime tutor, i do really love it.
i like to teaching the new thing and it will make me feel great.

always wearing "baju kurung" go to class ,)

the fresh face. always wake up at 6 a.m ,)

my 1stpay as a partime tutor @ ums ,)

here my new sweet home a.k.a dorm @ cute room

my bead, my cute corner with cute table. always pink. the pink addict!

as a partimer at MCD, i'm feel so tired. the work or job u have today . always make the same thing. sometimes i feel so bored. but thats not mean i dont like to work here. i do. bored but its the new experience. so, we have to appreciate!

my new mp3 from my pay ,)

i like to shopping ! novel addict!

bcoz too tired, i have this thing (my medicine)

this things always be there (in my handbag)-mp3, my cute diary, wallet, house key & my pink one.

my first pay slip. so cute u know. alhamdulillah. ,)

the best life. patimer at ums & mcd. my tough life. money, here i come.

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