Thursday, 3 May 2012

~ no man no hurt ~

salam. :)

here , i want to write some advice for them who always fall in love with wrong people. aha!!
for example is me. hahaha i'm smiling again.

hey u,
when u fall in love with wrong people,
u will feel it.
maybe at 1st u feel he is u man
& u found him as u 1st love. aha!
dont be fooled by him girl.
u have to wake up!!
cause he wil make u trouble or i said " u are troublemaker"
& i have the experience so be careful girl.
if u face this problem,
ask them to explain the truth for u.
when u know, u will feel hurt but its ok.
calm down girl. its ok!!.k
1 thing u must know is u will cry. i swear u crying! or at least u tear will fall.

(mak aii teruknya b.i aku + malu ya!)

for me, i like to know the truth. i hate a liar. thats why i like to be a founder!
its a deal  yeah!! i dont know u & u dont know me.
i will try to forget u & u already forget me!
& i will single again.
ha. its sounds good right!
so that i said "no man no hurt". hee.

(nak juga ckap b.i walaupn tunggang tebalik. sabo jela)

thanks for them (my lovely friend) because always be with me.
luv u friend.
& the very good news, my lovely dad already here. coming home from our hometown (philiphine)
u have??. & i have it!!
already have a sweet conversation a.k.a citcat with my dad.
thats why i feel like to "balik kg la" like indian man said.
here we go. lets go to next assigment.
nite alls. bai. :)

by me : The Liar Haters.

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