Friday, 4 May 2012

Last Word (^.^)

how are u? & i'm fine . thanks :D

here the last word for u my MBB.

"dear MBB,
i set u free. because ALLAH ask me to do so.
you are not HALAL for me.
& i'm not sure that you are really the one for me.
just pray.
if we really meant to be together, it will be.
insyaallah. "

may ALLAH always be with u.
make u strong to face u life.
to give happiness for u family.
"please bahagiakan mereka".
they are the most important people to u.
& i know it!!
respect u "bro an" & "kak diba"
be a sporting man to u "sporting edi"
be good with u little sis "leeya"
& be a good br0 to the little 1 "zenal"

i will continue my life without u.
& i will try n0t to contact  u again.
i would like to forget u forever.
if i can & i will be.
thanks for everything.
& forgive me.
have a good day :)
bai :)

Lots of  l0ve : ko0 hye sun + The oneday = none!! :)


  1. sya suka... mri kita berusaha tuk khdpan... huhuhu....

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  3. ko pasti blh.. :) kmi kan da tuk cria kan hdup ko..