Saturday, 26 May 2012

I'm not cruel :)

I, me & myself would like to tell you that i'm not cruel like you think bebeh
you know me. we already know each other for 3 years & i'm sure that u know me well
you also know how much i love you. how much my love sincerely to you
& u also know too that i'm a type of  "keras kepala" person.

Last night, i have a conversation with him.
i'm happy because he replied my massage
i know he must be "terpaksa" replied my message
i know him well.

actually, i miss him lately
thats why i like to text him.
honestly, i'm still loving him
i just can't stop my feeling to him
& i don't know how long time that i must take to forget all about him
sorry you. i just can't made.

but, i know 1 thing
if you already have someone else
and i will be stop to text or call you
i will disappeared
and i will pray for you happines
i'm not cruel like you think
this is me. :)

when you comes around with u mesg
you will see how big my smile
how my face will shine 24/7
i beating for you love
but i don't want to force you
because i don't want the things will repeated

sometimes i think when i will be able to forget  you totally
i know its so hard for me
and thats why i always fail in this field (forget you)

hmm, you know what
last nite i have a dream where i'm engaged
with someone that introduced by my daddy
i don't know who that man
but i do the engagement with him
i don't know why its become like that
anyway, i always pray that you is my destiny
but for sure, i will accept the truth if you is not my destiny

haa. whatever me & i just me :)

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