Saturday, 31 March 2012

Vanilla Coklat ")

with all of my heart, i try t0 write the last entry for this m0nth ab0ut this drama. using english language. i know i'm broken b.i but i just want to writing. hee. not "poyo" la like zara aishah said to amir ashraf. but i mention it again. i just want to writing in english.okeyy!

hehee. u know what. i'm so happy to watching this drama. so best! happening. laughing. crying. all that feeling i can feel. hooo. so broken right!!. who's care. at least i try to writing in english kann.

i want t0 make a sh0rt c0mment about this drama. n0t c0mment la but "luahan rasa" prohibated to laugh if my english is so bad.

i like this drama s0 much!. i already watching this drama "berkali-kali". me, always like that u know. if i like the story & i will watching it "berkali-kali". everytime i'm watching this drama, i will smile & smile and smile again. but a little thing that always in my mind is "why i can't be like her (zara aishah)?". its happy right if we have a husband like amir ashraf. loving. caring. & i like the part amir "membebel". like3.

hmm. actually i writing this entry for memories bah. hee. its sign i'm fan of vanilla coklat drama.

now, i'm alone in the dark. why. coz i support earthour. 1 minute remaining. ngeh3.

i like t0 hear when zara said "mamat poyo". "kau pegsan kot". bef0re i forget to tell u, zara aishah like lisa surihani. they cant said alphabet "R" well. hee. its their special part. & i like it!
for amir ashraf, i like when he call zara aishah as "my burung kaka tua" s0 cute. love it!! & i like the way he talk in english language. like real english man.

l0ve this 1. Vanilla + Coklat :)

like this part!! :D

w0w! she's smile.:)

ya ALLAH, like zara always said. my english is so bad. & i know it!!. why i can't fluent in english ek. it been 15 years maybe i think i learn english languange. but still can't speaking & writing well in english. why this always happend to malay people. euww. i'm shameless la. :(

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