Wednesday, 18 January 2012


last nite, i try 2 check my <3 letter at hep rack. .hehe
i'm n0t assume the letter will received at 17012012. .
neway, i'm happy. .xD. .

hmm. .n then i'm wake up in the m0rning with my big smile. .
h0h0. .i'm g0ing 2 reply the <3 letter. .
praise 2 b GOD c0z t0day its time 2 c0llect all the letter fr0m the p0stb0x. .
h0h0. .i d0t kn0w what they call that thing. .hehe

with my pink paper n  blue pen. .i wr0te the letter. .n al0ne in my ro0m
h0h0. .i'm n0t have a pretty much idea. .
bc0z i'm to0 nerv0us i think. .huuu. .

but, i try my best 2 write d0wn what i want 2 ask him. . 
h0h0. .i kn0w he will hate me c0z i like the ask that s0mething will interrupt him. .
h0h0. .but i have 2. .s0ry. .

with my strength (3h0urs sleep 0nly), i'm d0ne with my writing. .h0h0. .
the m0st shame thigs is i'm asking 4 the m0ney. .
0mg ! i'm s0 cruel. .but its always same. .i have 2. .

hmmm. .after that i g0 2 the stati0nery sh0p. .bulla!! if my spelling is false. 
:P i'm a br0ken sp0ken n writer if the subject is english. .
but n0t shy 2 try. . h0h0
i g0t my envel0pe n setem. .i'm f0rget 2 bring the gum. .
s0 ann0ying. .i expect d0nt want 2 c0me back 2 ro0m. .

at my sweet h0me (ro0m), i write the adress n stick the setem. .
quite difficult. .:P
hahah. .i'm n0t the type 0f pers0n always d0 this thing. .
but i try 4 my bel0ved man. .
h0h0. .

sharp 11.50 a.m (18012012), the l0ve letter already p0sted. .
hahah. .my grammat is rite?? bullaaa!!
h00o. .c0ntinue with my facebo0king n drama-ing. .

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